Councillor Steve Jarvis (Weston and Sandon)

Steve JarvisSteve Jarvis represents the parishes of Clothall, Rushden, Sandon, Wallington and Weston on North Hertfordshire District Council. He is a member of the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Baldock Area Committee (which covers the Weston and Sandon area).

Several years ago he chaired a cross party group of councillors looking at the ways that the Council could generate income from "commercialisation" - raising money from things like running a crematorium or providing housing to rent at market rates. This would have generated money to protect services and avoid charges like the brown bin tax, but unfortunately the Conservative cabinet have failed to take forward any of the opportunities effectively.

Steve has lived in Graveley with his wife Sal for more than 30 years. His children, now in their thirties, went to school in Graveley and Letchworth. Steve is also County Councillor for Royston West and Rural and has been a Parliamentary candidate on three occasions.

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His Own Words

"North Herts Council is poorly run by the Conservatives, wasting millions on failed projects and ignoring local people's views. I keep arguing that we should be giving people a better deal, which doesn't make me popular with the Conservatives who run the Council. I have also opposed the Council's plans to build 1,6000 houses in the District in unsuitable places in the Green Belt with inadequate roads and schools. We do need some more houses, but not this many, in these places, and without the necessary infrastructure."

Contact Details

Phone 01438 727 122
Address 26 High Street, Graveley, Hertfordshire, SG4 7LA
Twitter @stevekjarvis