Councillor Steve Jarvis (Royston West and Rural)

Steve Jarvis (Updated)

Steve Jarvis is the Liberal Democrat County Councillor for the Royston West and Rural division. This covers the area from Great Ashby to the western parts of Royston, including all the villages in between.

Steve is a member of the County Council's Highways Cabinet Panel and Education, Libraries and Localism Cabinet Panel.

Like all County Councillors, Steve has a "locality budget" of £10,000 to spend on community improvement schemes and a highways budget of £90,000 to spend on improvements and repairs to roads and pavements, including things such as speed indicator signs.

He lives in Graveley with his wife, Sal.

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In His Own Words

"Conservative-run Herts County Council is bad at maintaining our roads and pavements, has reduced bus services and does a poor job of ensuring that there are enough school places where they are needed. They have made almost no progress introducing 20 mph speed limits in villages and residential roads where local people want them. At the same time the Council spends millions on public relations and is building up massive reserves rather than spending money on services for local people.

I want to see a County Council that addresses these issues, manages the contractors who deliver services like road maintenance better and is more responsive to the needs of people in Hertfordshire."

Contact Details

Phone 01438 727 122
Address 26 High Street, Graveley, Hertfordshire, SG4 7LA
Twitter @stevekjarvis