Councillor Paul Marment (Letchworth Grange)

Paul MarmentPaul sits on the Letchworth Committee, the Licensing and Appeals Committee, and the Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee. His outside appointments include the Boards of the Arts Council for North Hertfordshire, the Grange Fellowship Community Association, and the North Herts Minority Ethnic Forum.

Paul defected to the Liberal Democrats in August 2018, having previously represented Letchworth Grange for the Conservative Party since his election in 2015.

In His Own Words

"Since the end of the coalition, I have been struggling with the Conservative Party's polices at local and national level. There has been an increasing move to the left and right of both main parties, and increasing levels of xenophobia - coupled with ongoing issues locally, like Hitchin Town Hall. Now the brown bin collections are becoming yet another fiasco. Therefore, I have decided to return to the Liberals, who I supported in my youth. This was not an easy decision to make, and I apologise to those on the Grange estate who voted for me because of my party allegiance - but I believe my reasons are justified, and I will still deal with their concerns and problems. I believe that the Liberal Democrats represent a modern view and offer the way forward for this country - especially for the young, who voted overwhelmingly against Brexit."

Contact Details

Address 101 Jarden, Letchworth Garden City, Herts, SG6 2NZ
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