Liberal Democrats & Labour agree outline of administrative arrangement to run North Hertfordshire District Council

May 21, 2019 12:00 PM
By George Osborn

The North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats have agreed the outline of an administrative arrangement with the Labour Party to run North Herts District Council over the next twelve months.

This arrangement will give the Liberal Democrats a number of seats in the new NHDC Cabinet, allowing them a key role in the running of the Council.

It will also allow the party to pursue the agenda it campaigned on during the 2019 district council elections and deliver positive changes for residents.

This includes creating a greener North Hertfordshire, improving air quality across the district, ending a culture of secrecy and creating a transparency charter, improving public engagement with the Council and improvements to the planning system.

NHDC Liberal Democrats Group Leader Cllr Paul Clark said

"We met with representatives from both the Conservative group and the Labour group to see what could be the best solution for the residents and businesses of North Hertfordshire over the next twelve months.

After much discussion, the Labour group was more willing to engage with those measures and help us deliver our forward thinking policy agenda. This is why we have reached the outline of an administrative agreement with them to ensure we can implement this on behalf of the electorate.

We campaigned on delivering change locally and that is exactly what we are delivering with this agreement. We look forward to working hard on behalf of residents in the coming year and demonstrating that local politics can work for them."

About the North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats

The North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats are dedicated to campaigning for liberal values across the district.

Over the last 13 months the Liberal Democrat group on North Herts District Council has grown from three Councillors to eleven, with representatives drawn from across the district.

In the 2019 local elections the Liberal Democrats received the second highest number of votes, and recent polls from ComRes & YouGov suggest that the Lib Dems will beat the Conservatives in the Hitchin & Harpenden parliamentary constituency.