Defection! Letchworth Conservative Councillor Joins The North Herts Liberal Democrats

August 17, 2018 10:23 AM
By Letchworth Liberal Democrats

Cllr Paul Marment (Letchworth Grange) has joined the Liberal Democrats from the Conservative party.

"Since the end of the coalition, which I felt was one of the most productive times for this county in recent memory, I have been struggling with the Conservative party's polices at local and national level. The increasing move to the left and right of both main parties - and the increasing levels of Xenophobia in each organisation - coupled with ongoing issues locally - such as Hitchin Town Hall and the fiasco of the brown bin collections - convinced me it was the right time to shift parties."

Cllr Marment joins the party

"I believe that the Liberal Democrats represent a modern view and offer the way forward for this country, especially for the young who voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. For me, the party represents true localism. I also believe in being a member of the European Union, as it is a force for good."

Cllr Paul Clark (Leader of the Liberal Democrats Group on North Hertfordshire District Council) stated: "This is great news not just for the Liberal Democrats, but also for the people of Letchworth. As a party we expect our Councillors to work extremely hard for the people they represent and we are all looking forward to working with Paul. We would welcome conversations with other Councillors from either the Conservative or Labour groups who share our views and, like Paul, want to work hard all year round for the people they represent."

The Liberal Democrats group on North Herts District Council doubled in size following the local elections in May, and the arrival of Marment takes the group to seven Councillors. Marment, who has lived in Letchworth for fifty years, has represented the Grange ward for eight years (from 2008-2012 and from 2015 to date). He will continue to do so, but now as part of the Liberal Democrat group.

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