Why You Should Become a Local Councillor

October 7, 2017 9:53 PM

As much as we should be welcoming the new members to join the Liberal Democrats (indeed we are now the UK's second-largest party), this does not change the fact that we have a mountain to climb before we will be able to win a General Election. This has little to do with our previous record, or our policies. The Liberal Democrats are not seen as a credible alternative to the Labour Party or the Conservative Party because we lag far behind them in terms of elected officials.

Across the North Hertfordshire area we have one Liberal Democrat County Councillor - Steve Jarvis. And we only have three Distrcit Councillors - Paul Clark, Terry Tyler and Steve Jarvis (again!). If the Liberal Democrats do not even have a significant presence in local government, then many voters understanbly question why they should cast their ballot for us at parliamentary elections.

Make a Difference

We will never change the tide of public opinion unless we start winning more seats in the local elections, and we will have more opportunity for success if we contest every single one of the forty-nine seats on North Herts District Council.

A local councillor is an important position that can give the Liberal Democrats a say on keeping the town functioning as a local community, covering everything from decisions on refuse collections, council tax, planning permission for housing developments and new businesses in the area; to managing major projects such as Churchgate shopping centre and the Hitchin Town Hall.

Plato Quote

If you are content to let Conservative and Labour squabble for the voters' attention, then there is no need for you to do anything. But if you are prepared to proactively make a change to the status quo, then you should nominate yourself as a candidate for the North Hertfordshire District Council. Even if you do not canvass for votes, simply having your name on the ballot paper will give Liberal Democrats in your ward the opportunity to make their voice heard in local elections. At the moment, the Liberal Democrats aren't visible enough in this area. But you can help change that.

Get Involved

To nominate yourself as a Liberal Democrat councillor candidate, all you need to do is e-mail Simon Lucas at info@hitchinlibdems.org.uk. If you would like to support your local candidates during the election, but feel that you lack the time to commit to the duties of a councillor, then please e-mail Simon Lucas to nominate yourself as an activist. There are a host of jobs that you can help us with during the election ranging from delivering leaflets, telephone canvassing and doorstepping; to telling at poll stations on the day.

The Liberal Democrats need more councillors. Could you be one of them?