Hitchin Sorting Office

March 28, 2012 10:31 PM
By Clare Body

The Royal Mail has decided to leave its present sorting office site in Hitchin and is in the process of selling the site. It seems apparent that the current building will not remain and that a new development will be placed on this important site in the town centre.

Conservative-run North Herts Council have been caught out by this. Having said they would develop a planning brief, they failed to do this and are now developing one with the help of the potential developer. This is a vital site for the town and Liberal Democrat Councillors are concerned that local residents have not been consulted on this, although there will have to be consultation once a planning application is received.

Highbury Councillor Clare Body says, "This is an important site and just to leave it up to the developer and the planning process to decide what should go there and not engage with local residents is wrong. I, and my fellow Councillors in Highbury, will be making sure that any application is subject to the closest scrutiny and that local residents' views are taken on board for this vital site. Please let us know what you think should go there."