2011 Lib Dem Budget Proposal for North Herts District Council

February 20, 2011 5:27 PM
By Cllr Steve Jarvis in The Comet (Feb 2011)

Liberal Democrats have proposed changes to the Tory-run council's budget to save services for young people, freeze increases in residents parking costs and protect both public toilets and recycling facilities.

Liberal Democrat leader Steve Jarvis said, "The proposed budget identifies savings of £750,000 in the Council's costs and proposes a zero rise in Council Tax, both of which we have long argued are possible. North Herts has been an expensive Council for too long, but now the Coalition Government has forced the local Conservatives to make changes.

"Whilst many of the proposed savings are long overdue, some will hit local services unnecessarily. There are other areas, such as surveys, courier services and the council's magazine where savings could better be made. The council is also planning to continue spending money indefinitely on Town Lodge in Letchworth after it vacates the offices there, which is clearly wrong."

The Liberal Democrat proposals will deliver an additional £80,000 of savings over the next two years, whilst putting an extra £110,000 into services for local people.

Liberal Democrat proposed amendments to North Herts District Council Budget

2011/12 2012/13

Reduced Savings

Youth Development £17,700 £17,700

Herts Youth Games £2,180 £12,010

Commuter Parking £2,500 £12,000

Residents Parking Charges £16,000 £31,000

TOTAL £38,380 £72,710

Increased Savings

Town Lodge £44,000

Housing condition survey £10,000

Cancel district surveys £21,000 £21,000

Reduce Outlook frequency £26,810 £26,810

Reduced Courier services £14,500 £14,500

Reduce Blackberry use further £ 5,640 £5,640

TOTAL £79,950 £111,950

Net Change in spending -£41,570 -£39,240