The North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats

We are the champions for liberal values across the North Herts district. Locally, we will use our position on the council to deliver meaningful and progressive change on behalf of residents. Nationally, we want to build a fairer society, but also keep the economy strong and secure. Internationally we want the UK to remain part of Europe, and to lead the response to global challenges like climate change. If you share our values and objectives, please give us your support.

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Recent Publications

We believe it's important to communicate with local residents all year round, not just at election times. That's why our local campaigners work harder than any of the other parties to produce and deliver publications like the ones below. To browse through some recent examples, simply visit our Issuu page or click on the image:

Local Communications

Recent News Articles

  • Article: Jul 28, 2019

    By announcing his intention to resign Jared is doing the right thing - both for himself and his constituents.

    People in Sheffield will now get their chance to have their say, both on Boris Johnson's dangerous Conservative Government and on Jeremy Corbyn's failure to provide effective opposition at a time of national crisis.

  • Article: Jul 26, 2019

    I have been hugely touched by the many messages I have received since the result of the Leadership election was declared on Monday afternoon.

    Thank you to everyone that supported me, and thank you so much to my incredible campaign team.

    I am incredibly proud of our campaign we fought - and know we made a huge difference to the party.

  • Article: Jul 26, 2019

    The likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage like to talk about an 'Australian-style' immigration system because it sounds tough.

    But as with most things Johnson says, it's actually completely meaningless.

    The UK had a points-based system, but it didn't work and was effectively scrapped 8 years ago.

    The idea that bringing it back would restore public confidence is nonsense.

    Now, instead of a plan to fix our immigration system, Johnson is commissioning yet another pointless review.

  • Article: Jul 25, 2019

    In Uxbridge and South Ruislip Boris Johnson is big on words, little on action, and completely lost when it comes to listening. When I talk with constituents, three key issues come up time and again: Brexit, Heathrow, and Police presence in the constituency.

    On Heathrow, his words were just sound and bluster, leading to disappointment for local residents

  • Article: Jul 25, 2019
    By Jo Swinson

    Boris Johnson holds no mandate from the public or Parliament.

    His steadfast refusal to rule out proroguing Parliament in order to crash the UK out of the EU demonstrates that he is willing to jeopardise our NHS, jobs, and the economy.

    He is not fit to lead this country.

    That is why I have tabled this motion of no confidence in Boris Johnson with my Liberal Democrat colleagues.

  • Article: Jul 24, 2019

    As I watched Boris Johnson being crowned Tory leader yesterday, I felt the same sinking feeling that I did on the morning of that awful referendum result.

    But that despair quickly turned to anger as he rambled through his opening speech.

    As our new Leader Jo Swinson said the other night - Britain deserves better than Boris Johnson. Britain deserves better than a divisive and damaging no-deal Brexit rammed through by a man who couldn't even be bothered to write an acceptance speech.

  • Article: Jul 24, 2019

    Since Jo became our party's new leader on Monday night, we've had another membership surge. There are now another 5,000 Liberal Democrat members and supporters - from one newbie to another, welcome!

    When I joined I was absolutely clear - there's only room in UK politics for one strong, centre-ground, pro-EU movement. That movement is the Liberal Democrats. And I've been blown away by how warm a welcome I've received - I hope you'll feel just as much at home as I do!

  • Article: Jul 23, 2019

    We've just confirmed - Spring conference is back in York next year!

    Registration will later this year, but for now save the date in your diary: 13-15th March 2020!

    In the meantime, make sure you are registered for Autumn conference 2019 - where we will celebrate our big victories in the local and European elections this year - and welcome our newly elected leader Jo Swinson!

  • Article: Jul 23, 2019
    By Sir Ed Davey MP

    Climate change, liberalism, winning. That is my pitch to be leader in four words.

    As a party we have led the national debate on Brexit, and become the clear rallying point for remain voters. The result was amazing. Our best ever result in a European Election. First place in London. Beating the Conservatives in every region in the UK, and the Labour Party across the country. The Lib Dems are back in the game.

  • Article: Jul 23, 2019
    By Jo Swinson

    Deciding to run for leader was not something I did lightly. This party has a history of leaders who had a huge impact on British politics, including people like Charles and Paddy, heroes of mine who I was so lucky to be able to know and work with.

    I believe you should only apply for a job like this if you have a clear idea of what you'll do if you get it. Equally, I want you to know what to expect if you decide to give me your support.